A&D Series Charging Cart

A&D Series Charging Cart


Aluminum alloy frame,30/36/40/48/64 ways Note book and PAD charging cart
Item Model: NB/USB40.A.A2
MOQ: 10
Lead Time: 10days

Product Details

It supports 40 panels and is compatible with all kinds of flat panel devices. The outlet of the socket outlet is 220V, with the original adapter, the USB port is used to output the DC 5V2.1A;AC is optional.
Integrated power management system: there are charging indicator lights, power indicator lights, leakage protection, temperature control, other functions.

With more than 2 standby power supply interface, easy to connect with other devices; active PEC switching power supply, energy saving; broadband input AC 110V-240V, the international general; Equipped with four 5 inch wheels (with brake function), four angle thickening of soft plastic collision angle, ABS ergonomic handle, the top corner arc (more than R10) design, a full range of security protection.

Cabinet material:cold-rolled steel and aluminum alloy
Input voltage:   110- 220V

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